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Tuesday 1 October 2013

Self diagnosis

So am I the first patient in the NHS to have a diagnosis of "mouldiness" confirmed?

My darling friend, Sophie, introduced me to "mouldiness" as the description to use when keeping a child back from school because "something is not quite right".  There is no specific - sore throat, headache, cold, cough, broken ankle - just a general "undertheweather, something is bubbling under, unable to fully function, duvet day needed".

So, after my little outburst on Sunday night and feeling just low, I went off to hospital to have my blood test.  I had sort of convinced myself that chemo would be put off because I had the beginnings of a sort throat, a morning long migraine (lights without the headache) and was generally tired.  So I settled myself down in my lazy boy and dozed.  I was out of sorts and even quite put out that our usual tea lady was on holiday and the locum tea lady I didn't know.

Well apparently, I am NOT ALLOWED to do that.  The nurses immediately noticed that "Charlotte's not herself" and the locum junior doctor on oncology was summoned to the ward to check me out.  When I was asked how I felt, I immediately replied, a la Sophie


Stats taken, prodded a bit - 
Yes that bit of my neck is sore - 
Nope, that doesn't hurt-
Bloods fine
BP fine
Heart fine
Temp fine

No, I am OK - just mouldy.

It now appears (insert red faced emoticon) that part of this salt thing is that I have been running a low grade mouth infection for a long time.  The reason I threw my very nice chicken salad across the room on Sunday is that it has gone from low grade to high grade over the last week or so and hence the intolerability of the salt taste. This infection is....(wincing, as sounding very Michael Douglas here)...oral thrush. 

A kind of mould.

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  1. Hugs :-(
    My respiratory consultant put the fear of God into me when prescribing a new, stronger steroid inhaler: keep it by your toothbrush! brush your teeth after using it every time....or you will get oral thrush!
    Needless to say, that inhaler lives right by my toothbrush.

    I really hope they are able to make you feel a bit better by getting rid of one infection for you xx