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Thursday 31 October 2013

Quick News Round up

Lying in bed, cruising through Facebook feed, I was amused to see JoBob the Red's status about how she was

I'm in Scotland, drinking rhubarb vodka cocktails and planning on making cherry clafoutis. My career as a Northerner is over isn't it?

Yes, Jo, it is and then she admitted to wearing fluffy socks!  I can now call you a "Champagne Socialist" (snigger!).....

To counter this, I found this article about red wine.  As I am already dying (probs from too much wine), I thought I'd go for this option, even though my cancer is Triple Negative and nothing to do with oestrogen.  Word to the wise: Stock up now, as my dear Australian friend, Lynda, then posted this.  Yikes!  My cousin, Emma, is busy blaming her friends - like she has nothing to do with this!

News from ED World.  Well, there is a sanctimonious woman in North Dakota, USA, who really needs an Eating Disorder 101, an injection of compassion and someone to push her off her self-build pedestal.  She sounds like the soul of kindness handing out letters to children, whom "she" views as obese when they come Trick or Treating.  My particular favourite quote was this

When asked by the hosts of the show why she didn’t give out toys or stickers instead of candy, the woman, who identified herself only as Cheryl, said she didn’t want to be the “mean lady” in the neighborhood.

I've got news for you, Cheryl - the World thinks you are the "mean lady"of North Dakota, if not the U.S.A. - just saying.

On the upside, I noted that Chevese Underhill Turner, the wonderful BEDA advocate, is having a bit of a melt-down because her children are "playing nicely together".  I'll swap you!!!

The House of Mutt posted a load of photos for me on Facebook.  Thank you Sarah.

Lastly, for all of you who think that photoshopping is harmless and doesn't really change perceptions, here is 37 seconds to watch.  Please watch it.

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