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Wednesday 2 October 2013


I was talking to my long-term flat mate and great friend, Sarah, yesterday.  She has been so supportive over the Helix Project and it was bliss to chat for over an hour.  Whilst chatting, I was meandering through the photo albums and doing the occasional screech about finding photos of her.

The following two photos are slightly disconcerting.  Taken at a typical dinner party in the mid-1980's, I think I may have been a little unwelcome intruder in the second one, judging by the expression on her face in the second one....

I can't quite believe that we would dress up (both ourselves and the table - look at all those glasses) and make such a effort.  She was making me laugh about one dinner party when I rang her up at the last minute and made her bring her own chair!  This dinner party was at the flat of our "rich" friend.  Our flat was infinitely smaller and cosier.  Getting more than 6 round a table, with one glass, a plate and a knife and fork was a "challenge".  

My sparkly top - I lurved those batwings but did I really need shoulder pads as well?  I think I might be wearing the "Rimmel Blue Sparkle" eyeshadow - in fact I'm sure I am.  Now off to Google if they stil make it.

These days poor old HWISO is lucky to get a plate to put his "TV" supper on - no, we don't have those trays with the beanbags underneath each, but am seriously considering it.  

Anyways, have added a photo of what Sarah and I look now (or 4 years ago when I had hair).  *I* don't  think we've changed much - just got better  clothes and better eyeshadow and gone a little beige?

Note the difference in what we are drinking......

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