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Saturday 5 October 2013

Mending legs

Yesterday I had a wonderful visit from Sarah of the House of Mutt.  Other than Superdewa's chickens, this is my second favourite self-soothe site.  Then, it all got TOO MUCH, so I took a bit of time off.  I wish I had taken it off curled up on Sarah's lap like these guys!

(House of Mutt)

The Fairy Blogmother's Friday call put and end to all that though and I have now have new instructions re the Helix - please can other bloggers help out here?  (Thank you Cate and Carrie).  Please can anyone who wants to raise money or has any great ideas as to how to raise money, email  We (hopefully) have a new member of the team in the UK who has a less fuzzy head than mine and might respond more helpfully than my usual, slightly shameful, "Oh how kind.  Thank you so much!" response.  Blame the drugs and diffidence.

Yes, yes, Laura, I'm on the other stuff.  I will ask computer geek to actually come and visit and do the email thing....

So broken legs.  What am I on about?  I have three people who are very dear to me in three similar, but different, situations.  All three need support with getting their weight gain going again.  One needs help with the last 10lbs.  One needs help at the very start.  One has had a mid-track slip up and needs to just be righted for a few weeks.  All of them merit full on support, compassion and help.  

I had a bit of a blinding light bulb moment yesterday when trying to explain to someone WHY they should have full-time support for this process.  I said to try and reframe this as a PHYSICAL illness, rather than a psychiatric one, for the purposes of this part of the process.  I know I can bang on about Food is Medicine but it really is the medicine prescribed for this part of the healing process.  Without enough energy going in, the physiological symptoms are not going to abate and the old brain is not getting enough energy to do any healing on its own.

Why do we ask people to mend themselves when they need help?  We don't ask them to set their own legs when they are broken? Nor do we set the leg and then not put on a cast to support the leg whilst healing but let them go out and break it all over again.  Sigh.

 Most of my friends will be glad to know that the "ranty" stage is over for a couple of weeks.  I go to see Dr W on Monday - can't quite remember why and can't think what we have to talk about but I am sure we will be able to pass the time somehow!  Then no chemo until a week on Monday, which gives the old body a chance to right itself and heal.  The bruising from the aspiration two and a half weeks ago is positively horrid - I now have a brown -tea-stain bruise from my collar bone to the bottom of my rib cage.  It aches at times but is less painful now it's out.  

Just a question, dear Readers, did you take my advice?

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