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Wednesday 16 October 2013

Peering through the mist

A misty morning at home and a beautiful colour sky.  No special effects at all but the world was tinted rosy pink this morning.

The news is all alive with the bed crisis for Mental Health patients.  I was sneering cynically at one report on Radio 4 when they seemed surprised that patients had to travel "out of their local area" to access an Inpatient bed.  We, in ED world, are not surprised at all.  MiS has to travel to Glasgow from Ayr to see her daughter and Nelly from the South Coast to Reading.  ED inpatient beds are few and far between and given out by Health Authorities as if they are precious diamonds.  Somehow parents and patients are made to feel they should be immensely grateful.  I suspect it is the same amongst Mental Health crises patients and parents.  

Anyways, lots of people are jumping up and down at last and realising that Mental Health treatment is in crisis.  And it really is.  Some are trying to do something about it.  I hope that all the Mental Health charities, advocates and interested parties will try and keep this story top of the news for a while - if you can, please FB and tweet.

On the home front, HWISO carefully repacked into two boxes the bags that I had packed of all the linen for the "rentals".  Hmmmm.  

I am hanging on for chemo this afternoon and have probably mucked it up by having to take steroids at 5.20 am as the pain was so unbearable.  But I have found a use for the children's Hungry Caterpillar lunch box - it is the perfect size for all my various pills and is leak proof and wipe clean.  What more could a girl ask than a Hungry Caterpillar pill box.

Thanks to the lovely Lynne for sending me a cheering piccie of her Happiest Dog in the World, who is looking forward to coming to stay in Southwold for her holiday next year.  I think Trouble would fall in love with her if they met!

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