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Sunday 20 October 2013

Moving in with Darby and Joan Part 1

Listening to a programme on aborigines and alcohol in Australia  proving to myself that the 3.30 am wake-up is not confined to home. I am lying in a very comfortable bed in the Crown Hotel in Southwold. The Magpie Bakery next door have started baking their bread and I can smell the dough and hear the ovens and see the steam rising.  It makes me hungry and I am glad I have bought so e biscuits to go with my tea.

So today we move into the new house.  Yesterday, the lorry came and loaded up from home. HWISO did all the organising and was relieved when ali came to pick me up half way through the loading. I suspect there will be lots of surprises on the lorry that we had NOT agreed on because there were certainly a lot more boxes than I thought.

I love southwold. It is the familiarity alongside the new. However, I realise how vulnerable I am here physically. People coughing and sneezing. Close proximity in a bar and a hotel and no ability to get away. Those who know me have checked that they are not infectious but those who don't continue to splutter and I slide gently outside.

Our evening was punctuated by frequent phone calls from the RAC - Tiff's car broke down in the car park. By 9.00 pm, we had had most of our delicious dinner and were sitting outside, having an intercourse fag.  We had talked death and funerals and afterlife. TIFF just kept ordering more wine. I kept drinking it. We laughed and I refused to let anyone cry.  Then, we took the corporate decision, or Tiff did, to cancel the RAC man until tomorrow morning.  Laughingly, I know that a fully dressed Tiff ready to talk car engines with him is very unlikely. I suspect I will be knocking on her door for the car keys.  Especially as she said she had bought a nightie. I am not sure that the residents of Southwold would recover.

So, food. Cream tea with possibly the most delicious strawberry jam I have ever had. It had to be eaten with a spoon. A little pop into Colleen and Clare for another cardigan. I cannot get things over my head anymore so have to have a cardi. A quick shower and a meet up with the mermaids in the back bar and then steak followed by creme brûlée.

Due to the amount of (unaccustomed) wine, I didn't take my amytriptylene last night. I feel less fuzzy but not less tired. I think a very small glass tonight, of TNBMITW quirky bird and a pill may be a better option.

The hotel room is beautiful and comfortable. The only criticism I have is that the tea bags are not easily distinguishable and I found myself sipping an absolutely revolting cup of raspberry leaf at 4.30. Yeuch. I am eeking out the milk supply until the hotel opens up and I can go and get some more.

Meantime the Magpie carries on wafting the smell of freshly baked bread and the town begins to awake. The delivery lorries are rolling in and the shipping forecast is just beginning.

Should I wake up Tiff?


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