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Saturday 5 October 2013

What to do

about the "Gentle Reminder" from my dentist that it is time to come in for a check up?  Do I phone them and upset the receptionist by explaining why a teeth check and clean is not really the way I want to spend a couple of hours?  Do I write?  Do I ignore it entirely and leave it?

I worry that, if I don't sort it out, it could be a horrid trigger for HWISO and the girls.  I have got quite blunt nowadays though. I find it easier to look people in the eye and say "No, I don't want to go on your mailing list for special offers because I am not going to be able to take any of them up!".  There is no "nice" way of saying it and it is shocking to hear.  The alternative, not telling, is equally awkward.

So what do I do?

One thing is for sure, I am NOT going to spend an hour making polite, if incoherent, conversation with the hygienist.

Now, there's another upside to dying young......

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