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Tuesday 8 October 2013

A wander through the morning

I caught this interview this morning and was not at all reassured about the fate of women in Afghanistan.  This was after I had meandered through Ash dieback and a marvellous young man talking about schizophrenia, whose name I wanted to remember but dozed off at the vital moment.

Trouble's bandage has been taken off and he seems to be fine, except when near HWISO, where he dissolves into a puddle of wide-eyed, self pity.  HWISO is lovely and all that but a complete sucker when it comes to that dog.  Just saying.

New word of the week, thanks to Jo, "cockwomble", which I am assured is a swear word that, if you type enough, autocorrect eventually grasps.  I like a nice new swear word.

The first lot of sugar beet is being lifted.  This a very noisy process, especially as it is so dry.  We are absolutely desperate for rain here now.  The dust is ridiculous and the crops need a drink.  Please go outside and blow any rain in our direction.

Anyways, not much to say this morning.  A bit of an uninspiring day. 

OH - I knew there was something.  Apparently, Dr W says that both the tumours in my shoulder appear to have shrunk.  

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  1. That's some good news, about your shoulder! Now, I will do a rain dance, directed across the ocean at you.