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Sunday 27 October 2013

Clocks Wine and Boobs

Back in Southwold, hunkering down for the great storm due in tonight. It feels funny to be not at home sorting out candles and torches for the inevitable power cut and making sure that we have enough milk in for a few days. Living in a town has its advantages!

I am back on the teenage iPad so excuse the lack of photos, links and odd weird autocorrects.

The clocks changed this morning.  I always laugh because it is my father-in-law's least favourite day of the year, because his meals are an hour late!!

I was thinking a lot about Anthony and Kim yesterday. We had lunch in The Lord Nelson, where Anthony was told that Mungo, THE Welsh Springer was more welcome than he was and then opened a bottle of TattyBogler in his honour last night - that was the one we all liked before you and HWISO decided to try the other two. Just in case you had forgotten.

So this plan that we have come up with for the shoulder is really radical. At the moment the cancer is beginning to severely restrict the blood supply to my right arm. I am having to do a lot of wiggling and movement to keep the hand from turning white and have pins and needles most of the time. We need to do something radical - it's the cancer or my arm and right now I am having very little sympathy for the cancer.

So the plan is to try and persuade the pioneering plastic surgeon in Chelmsford to have a go at taking some out and relieving the pressure on my veins and nerves and packing the hole with muscle and other tissue.

Of course this means I need to keep the weight on, despite Tiff's kind offer of some of her boob. Such a hardship for me, especially with all these delicious food shops here. Bearing this in mind, I went to the Two Magpies yesterday and bought one of everything I felt like. Now I just need to decide whether I want choccie croissant, plain croissant or toast for early morning snack.

Of course HWISO and I forgot about the clocks changing and Trouble's stomach doesn't understand. He is pacing round the kitchen, carrying a cushion and completely uncomprehending when I point at the Dayglo green kitchen clock, purchased from the charity shop to tell him it's still not yet 6am......

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