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Wednesday 23 October 2013


A long and tiring day in the hospital.  The Eribulin has stopped working - or rather the cancer has morphed, so the Eribulin is no longer effective.  The mass in my shoulder has now turned solid so aspiration was not an option and my right hand and arm are beginning to swell rather alarmingly.  

I trudged from the MacMillan Day Unit (Oncology) to Breast Care (Ultrasound) and back again with no visible results from anything.  In the end I just sat down and wept.  I have had no pain killers or steroids all day - which sounds pathetic but when you are as ill as me, it matters - and was overwhelmed by pain and hopelessness.

As always support, love and help was immediately on hand - the nurses, Jules the wonderful receptionist, the lovely Lynn's husband - lots of cups of water and tissues.

I got called in to see Dr W AND my surgeon, Mr Coveney, together.  Quite an honour.  They have come up with some madcap scheme, more of which later, if we can persuade a very eminent plastic surgeon to take me on.  In the meantime, we have changed the chemo to another one and start again next week.

Ever cheerful and glass half full, I have to point out that the Eribulin has been effective for much longer than normal - some 5 months now - so I shouldn't complain and there was no mention of the prognosis being worse - ie March still.....


  1. I wish words, good wishes or love could make a difference. All I can offer is long-distance hugs {{{{{{{{{{{Charlotte}}}}}}}}}}}

  2. You are never far from my thoughts! Here's a hug {{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}