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Sunday 20 October 2013

Getting over it

I adore Southwold. There is something magical about it and it is filled with many many happy memories from the whole of my life. The photograph of me, HWISO, James and our mums on the beach is of Southwold, over 40 years ago.

Part of the reason I love it so is living in a town that is also a village. Yesterday we had an eclectic list of things we needed for the house including sliver foil, flower vases (Thank you so much Mrs Crispy and Nessie), paper to write (can one resist a vastly expensive notepad with pictures of beach huts, rather than the bog standard A4 lined?  No!), food for lunch, loo cleaner, bread, lamps, fireproof dustbins (still!) and aerial cables to tune the TV. Southwold is right on the edge of transmitter territory and needs complicated boosters. Sigh.

This sounds like a hypermarket shop but was transformed into a delicious meander through town, accompanied by a delicious latte from Munchies. When you have terminal cancer you get disabled badge for your car. HWISO has a real problem with this.  As I patiently explained yesterday, using them to park the car halfway up the High Street so I could meander back and forth with my shopping (I am very one-handed just now) was fine. The badge is for use by me and he should try and remember that expect me to walk miles carrying heavy shopping which I just can't do. Sigh.

We wen to Mumfords which sells everything you need on a practical level, garnering cleaning stuff and padlocks and surface protectors and washing up brushes. I meandered in and put of the three charity shops getting vases and sugar bowls and coasters.

"Have you any coasters?" I asked one lady in charity shop

"Oh yes" she said, "we have some Royal Wedding ones in a box.  For three pounds."

"I'll have those", I said

On getting home, imagine my surprise to find they were Charles and Diana ones. I shall be dispatching them to Rose forthwith who will appreciate them much more than anyone else I know.  It does mean I shall have to return to the lovely gift shop by The Lord Nelson to buy ones with beach huts on but hey, who cares.

A pop into Colleen and Clare to pay for the cardigan I impulse bought on Thursday evening. I love that they know I will come back and pay for it and I did need a navy blue one - you were so right Morgan!  Black Olive for salad and pate and Magpies for bread and cakes and Wells for another surface protector and stocking fillers and the bank (again) and the Vintage Market for lamps and a quick peek into Mum's old house to see a painter hard at work and home in an exhausted but happy heap. So much nicer than pushing round a trolley in the glaring supermarket lights being mesmerised by acres of sameness.

And HWISO refusing to sit in the car and wait in case anyone thought he was using the badge illegally so he fetched and carried and was generally rather useful. Such a nice change from the supermarket martinet who takes his own trolley round and gives me half an hour to do everything.  We even managed to find curtain rings in silver in Derrick Wells.

Very satisfying and not an impulse purchase in sight.

Except the paper.......

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  1. oh what a gorgeous blog. i esp love the charles/diana coasters. priceless. long may southwold stay tiny.