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Thursday 31 October 2013

Bad language alert but be kind..

But well worth a watch for all of you who have been upset by Idiots on the Intrawebz. (Thanks, Red)

As some of my dearest friends have been made whilst commenting on random misinformed articles on the intrawebz, (and yes, Katie, I AM talking about you!), I find this kind of troll especially sad.  

Someone else was asking on FB yesterday about what to do with friends and acquaintances who were "unable to cope" with mental health issues and did not want/were unable to understand the difficulties of someone who lives with OCD or an Eating Disorder.  My reply was as follows:

I spend a lot of time telling idiots that they are missing out on meeting some of the most interesting, empathic, intelligent and kind people in the world because the idiots are boring, suburban, introspective and selfish. Then I hold my head up high as I am one of the former ya wanna be in my gang?

Having had two really bad bouts of clinical depression and dealing with mental health issues in both HWISO's side of the family and my own, I am not ashamed.  I admire those who say they just don't understand it but will continue to try.  I admire those who try to understand it.  I admire those who come out of the woodwork and admit to their own mental health problems.  I am an advocate of the Stop the Stigma campaign.

My mum always said that the worst kind of person is the world was someone who was unkind.  I subscribe to that.  Kindness is probably one of the greatest qualities anyone can have.  With kindness, comes good manners, empathy, sympathy and makes you an all round lovely person to be with.  

So the task for today is to be kind.  You will find it reaps its own rewards.

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  1. You're welcome, Charlotte! But did you have to make the Fairy Blogmothet go all w-word-y?!!