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Friday 11 October 2013

Out of bed...

I had a lovely afternoon with Susan Ringwood yesterday.  Her rocking husband, G, is a champion jam maker - he regularly beats the Norfolk WI.  She came with a jar of my absolute favourite - crab apple jelly, double strained, no bubble, clears as telescope and utterly delicious AND a jar of bullace jam he has whisked up the night before.  What a treasure.

We had such a lovely chat and got some things done.

A terrible night.  Just terrible.  Pain, swelling, etc etc.  Blood supply to my right hand rather dodgy - it went white at one point and I was doing a lot of wriggling, shaking. massaging whilst trying to stay awake.  In and out of bed.  Then I realised I had forgotten to take my steroids the day before - hence the pain and swelling.  Dragged myself downstairs for something to eat - Fifi's cake, raspberries and cream seemed perfectly reasonable - and steroids at 4.30 am and then didn't wake up again until 9.  I can't wait for the relief of chemo on Monday and just have to drag myself through the weekend.  

I have lain around watching TV until it was time to get dressed and help HWISO take the dogs to the vet for their annual booster.

What can one say?  The terrier doesn't like the vet and loathes the kennel cough vaccine that goes up the nose, so snaps.  Trouble pants and whines (no, he wasn't sick on the vet, Miranda, but it was touch and go) and Uhu sits in Older wise statesman mode by my side.  HWISO had to handle Pirate for the first time as my hand being useless - not a success.  Nurse needed.  I retired to the car with indignant Pirate and left HWISO with sweaty, squeaky, drooley Trouble and quiet, dignified Uhu. 

Meanwhile, I have upset a friend.  I mind.  I miss her.  

I have to put up a couple of Sloaney Pony pictures because Mrs Crispy was complaining that I was doing all those Alice Band ones of everyone else, but not me.

The first is of me and Auntie Ba in Mum's beautiful garden - note hideous shoulders AND yellow AB. Neither Ba or I are blending well florally, with Mum's poppies.

The second is one of those puffa, R&B loafers with shiny buckles and fake Channel shots, so typical of the Sloane Ranger Handbook era...

(I think I am pretty close to the end of dreadful outfits that Mum approved of  photos ***hearing collective sigh of relief from around the world ******)

And last, but not least another dog, Kelpie the Westie, just because he's cute

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