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Tuesday 29 October 2013

Slowing down

Beautiful but chilly morning and our last in Southwold for a while. This necessitates me having a fuss , throwing everyone out of bed and frenetically washing the sheets and towels.  HWISO is "on duty" and keeps nipping out to his "shed" (the garage) to report on the amount of time left before the next wash is due.

We need to go up to town to trawl the charity shops and The Vintage Market for mirrors, a chess set and some books, as Acanthus are coming to photograph the interior later in the week. I have sent Em to the hairdresser to have her highlights done to keep her out of the way, whilst the olds fuss.

I have been back on the morphine here which has enabled me to sleep really heavily for six hours and then doze for another two, but makes me terribly thirsty. I think that poor Em is going to be so thrilled to get home to her attic bedroom and not have to listen to her mother wandering around, rambling on to the dogs and having endless pees all night.

I have been doing a lot of thinking up here and think the time is drawing near to give up the majority of my advocacy work. With the crippling pain and the prospect of various operations, I can no longer continue to give people the concentration they deserve.  I shall continue use to support my Mother in Scotland and Nelly as long as I can.

On that note, at least Nelly has had a reply from West Sussex CAMHs. A totally inadequate, nonsensical and full of PC crapola speak reply admittedly. It will either have to go to a lawyer or the Ombudsman now, especially as one reply to a question posed to the head of the Trust came back with some PR spiel, cribbed from the website.  Really???  You think you can really fob off the fact that you have nearly killed a child with your negligence with this?

Ayr NHS Trust is pushing its 20 working days to the limit. They need to reply this week. Just saying. H is in treatment and dangerously ill, according to the specialists. She has been denied treatment for so long that they are still worried about reseeding syndrome some three weeks in. I hope both the psychiatrist and the psychologist are taking heart from the frankly disgraceful compensation case of Sharon Sixsmith at the moment.  They seem to be good at spinning a web of non-action and blaming everyone else and refusing to take any kind of responsibility for their negligence. Perhaps they think they can get away with it?  I hope not. There was a lot in the news yesterday about the NHS having an obligation to own up to their mistakes.

Still angry and not entirely given up. Just saying. 

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