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Tuesday 8 October 2013


Day 10 and the fatigue is rolling in out of nowhere.  I suddenly just realise that I need to go and have a little bit of a rest.  So I do.

A lazy day dozing most of the morning whilst listening to the soothing tones of Monty Don.  A lovely hour with H in Waitrose, giggling and exchanging ideas for feeding men.  HWISO and her H are great friends and have very similar ideas about what constitutes a "good meal".  H is also the world expert on anything containing chocolate.

It was slightly weird to plan on buying soup and stew ingredients, as we basked in the last of the summer sunshine.  The temperature is going to drop like a stone and the biting North wind is coming in overnight.  So tomorrow, the little pots of salad and coleslaw will not be wanted, so I invested in beetroot soup and crusty bread.

I got home to find that Darling Christine had popped round with food.  I love that woman.  So sad to miss our weekly chat.  Promise to be here next week.  I also found that MF and Purple had sent me sunshine.  Love you two too.

Must be something in the water but Em's BFF, who is also called Emily, passed her driving test first time today too.

Can one resist a photo of Baby Em, the night she got a roller brush stuck in her hair and her mother refused to let me cut it out?  It took me 3 hours to unravel and involved HWISO and farm tools to disentangle it.  I was also rather sunburnt by the looks of things.


  1. Ha ha! Hannah did that just as we were leaving for vacation when she was about nine. She was in the bathroom getting ready and wound that brush right up to her scalp. I thought we might have to take her on the plane looking like Pebbles with the bone in her hair. Those things are dangerous!

  2. I did that, too, but it was to one of the girls I used to babysit for in high school (the girl is now a sophomore in college, so YIKES!). It was her first haircut, courtesy of me and the kitchen shears. :)