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Thursday 20 December 2012

Living with diabetes

As an adolescent, you develop diabetes.  Everyone misses the signs and symptoms and you don't get the right treatment.  You are still living with it for 20 odd years later.

You chose, as your career, to help other people with diabetes.  You advise them on a range of aspects of diabetes - from their diet and exercise to the mental stresses and strains that go along with getting diabetes and supporting them with useful strategies to get the right kind of help in curing/dealing with living with diabetes, so they don't end up as unhappy as you are.

You didn't choose to get diabetes and it is not your fault that 20 years on, no one has bothered to come up with the right treatment for your diabetes.

In fact, you are a positive saint.

How would you then feel if your colleagues who work alongside you in the diabetes clinic give you are hard time for not "choosing" to get better?

Unacceptable?  Totally.

Why do people in the medical profession feel they can say this sort of thing to people with eating disorders?

Eating disorders are not a choice.