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Monday 21 October 2013

Power and the remote control

Being deprived of the Intrawebz is bad enough. I have to come up to the Swan for a cooked breakfast or afternoon tea to post the blog - poor me. But we have no TV either. We can only get Dutch TV just now, which is not all it might be. That and some Music Channel which plays loud music I don't understand with lots of swear words in it.  So I have missed Strictly and Downton. Hey ho.

When we were growing up, we didn't do TV. My stepfather was a martinet and it was black and white well into the 70's and strictly for the news and racing. The two Ronnie's and Morecambe and Wise on Saturday but not the Generation Game. He loathed Bruce Forsyth. Definitely not Dr Who and he would watch the wrestling rather than the Football results, which my brothers were dying to watch because he thought football was frightfully naff. I suppose being born in 1914 brings it's own kind of prejudices.

So HWISO and I have had to talk to each other and listen to the radio. It's been rather lovely actually. However, three nights is enough and he is on his way to Halesworth to find some kind of aerial booster so I don't make him Shh during the rather brilliant Air Hostess programme.  We are also rather bored of the news....

I haven't missed the TV but I think HWISO has missed the command of the remote control power trip thing. I think I have rather missed it too!  

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