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Wednesday 23 October 2013

My New Job

What I really meant to say on Inside Health when I was giving my feedback was something like this

The issue is, that successful and effective ED treatment requires two things at a minimum - nutritional restoration, and replacing maladaptive behaviors with adaptive healthy ones. 
Families NEED to be fully supported and empowered to do those things, because it is going to be AT HOME WITH THE FAMILY that most of the eating and behaving (and support thereof) ACTUALLY HAPPENS 
So the evidence base shows that FBT only does this effectively for about ~40-50% of families. Then (NO DOI!) more has to be done IN ADDITION to or possibly DIFFERENTLY INSTEAD of FBT, when FBT can't be done effectively at home.

Clinicians have got to stop accepting less than 100% nutrition, 100% behavior as the ultimate goal. Those should be the target out of the gate, and treatments added or modified till you get there, or get as close as you're gonna get.

What I actually said was this (Minute 17 ish).  Those of you who know me well can hear the humour in my voice and Esther, your comment was the one that the lovely Erika, the producer, loved the best as well.

For those of you who heard the Lask interview last week and are interested, the debate continues on line on the Around the Dinner Table forum, with Bryan contributing from Australia, Dr Peebles of CHOP weighing in and *I* am finding it fascinating to watch this discussion in an open, accessible forum, viewable by anyone, rather than behind the closed doors of the AED forum or in private correspondence.  Yah for openness.  I am bored of professionals and clinicians whispering behind closed doors and loftily assuming that us mere parents won't understand.

And you may enjoy this article just published.

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  1. I can't post on the forum because I'm a person with AN rather than a carer (it would be good if there were a way to allow ppl with EDs to have a semi-membership to participate in the public parts of the fora, obviously keeping the private sections limited to the carers' accounts) but want to say that your post number 72 in that discussion is one of the best things I've ever read on the multi-factorial nature of AN.... and the problems that therefore arise in the complex treatment required. I wish I could somehow bookmark it, in and of itself!