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Thursday 24 October 2013


Arriving back late from Southwold on Tuesday night, we found a food parcel from the wonderful Christine - bread, milk, stew and a choccie cake, which I was going to keep for the children but then decided was ideal for breakfast....

This morning, Fifi sent me her puppy photos - can't resist.  Meet Lola.  Loving that she is not letting that naughty ball escape, even though she is fast asleep.

And finally Rose rang to say that Matilda was coming to visit again next week.  Can't resist another piccie of Matilda....

And last but not least, the most glam photo of me I could find, taken in the early 90's at Tutty's wedding.  I need an ego boost because the new chemo is going to make me go bald again, so please forgive the vanity.

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  1. Eat your heart out Audrey Hepburn!