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Tuesday 22 October 2013

Dobby came to play....

We had a welcome visit from Miranda today.  She was tots brilliant.  She arrived with cupcakes, made a load of admiring noises, stripped beds, made beds, chatted, gossiped, came shopping with me, loved the dogs, had lunch, went on long walk and generally brightened our day.  She was such an amazeballs right arm to have and her enthusiasm and love made us smile long after she had gone.  I am with Susan Ringwood - everyone should have a "Miranda".  

We popped into town and met up with Anthony, Kimmie and (finally) the much admired, Mungo, who had spent the morning in our beach hut.  Mungo had gone swimming in the sea and playing with other dogs.  I suspect A & K had just let the wind blow away the cobwebs a bit....

Mungo is HUGE but very very very lovable.  His sometime master and chief admirer should NOT have ordered that 4th bottle of wine last night - just saying. It was a wonderful evening - thank you both - and I really enjoyed it.

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