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Monday 28 October 2013

5am musings

So the hurricane is just getting here to the East Coast. The wind is fierce but I suspect worse is to come. Em was being very cynical last. Night about "a little bit of wind". HWISO and I smiled gently. We've been here before.

In 1987, we really weren't geared up. A very different world. No Intrawebz, no mobile phones, no Twitter, no underground power lines or telephone lines. The only way of getting news was via the radio.   Says she sitting in bed listening to the World Service where our little hurricane is last on the news bulletin, long after the US phone stuff in Spain and Japan and Lou Reed.

It took HWISO and the family three days to get out of the house and to the local village. However, at the farm the cows still got milked and the milk lorries still got through. I rather like the fact that the cows and the milk took priority over the "folks in the Big House".  

I suspect we won't be facing power cuts for weeks on end and I hope that we don't lose as many trees. We planted thousands of trees for the next ten years and I hope we don't lose any of them. Or the Plashwood oak, which is in the Domesday Book.

I have made HWISO promise not to go down to the sea with the dogs this morning. As even Trouble is reluctant to go outside just now, I don't think it will be a problem. However HWISO does sometimes get that whole Bear Grylls Man vs. nature groove thang on. I shall go and sneak some lead in his wellies (which the teenage iPad keeps autocorrecting to willies - snigger!!)

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