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Monday 21 October 2013

Confidence Crisis

Pirate is lying in my bed, snoring and dreaming. He came up yesterday after spending the weekend guarding Em and Georgie at home. He is a complete pain and has barked all night.  Funnily enough, at home, he sleeps through the rutting season, badgers fighting by the back door, foxes snarling and the odd helicopter from Wattisham on night exercises.  Put him in a tow and he feels the need to assert his authority. Sigh. He is not good to sleep with- all that jostling for position in the back of my knees or growling every time I turn over. His new trick is to lick me when I snore.

Tonight we are meeting up with my dear friend and ex-boss, Anthony and his lovely girlfriend Kim.  They are staying in the swan with possibly the most spoilt Welsh Springer Evah, Mungo. I have left them the beach hut keys and instructions and can't wait to see them. Or I couldn't until glimpsing my steroid swollen hairy face in the mirror this morning.  I know he reads the blog so look out for short grey hair, puffy face and shambling walk my friend.  Thus are the mighty fallen.

Lists to do today and definitely a little brain rinsing later on. Without Pirate. I hope. 

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  1. LOVE your description of Pirate. I am laughing so hard! So finally he is sleeping and snoring, once you are fully awake!