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Tuesday 15 October 2013


I have had loads of reassurance about the amytriptylene and from loads of real doctors (Thanks Rod and B), alongside those who have taken it for all sorts of conditions from lupus through to depression.  So I took one - just one - and it completely knocked me out.  I feel fuzzy and tired but had a really good night's sleep for the first time in ages.  

I got up this morning to a list of things that should be in the house in Southwold from our letting agents.  Luckily, I have two of most things (Hoarder? Me?) but am totally stumped on a garlic crusher.  I am therefore going to take James, the brother-in-laws advice.

"What on earth is wrong with Very Lazy Garlic?"

I will stock the larder with it.

The other thing is TWO can openers.  Two?  Really?  Ok.  I am just slightly bemused as to what people on holiday do with can openers that means I have to have two in the house.  I shall search the charity shops in Southwold on Saturday.  I suspect they might have a few to spare.

The other thing that struck me was that I need to provide cups and saucers, as well as mugs.  I can do that - Mum collected SO much china and I seem to have boxes in the shed, so I am sure I can manage it.  But do people really go for cups and saucers on holiday and maybe I am just missing the connection with the second tin opener?

HWISO has been repacking all my boxes over the last few days, so I am now even more confuzzalated than ever about what I have and haven't got.  So Friday's unpacking will be a major "Show and Tell" I expect.  I know that Ali and Tiff will make it into a major giggling experience and I have every intention of lying on the safety, vaguely hand-waving, and letting everyone else get on with it.  Especially if I am still on the amytriptylene.  In fact, the way I feel today, I shall probably snore my way through the whole thing, leaving the House Elves to take charge and arrange the house the way they want it.  Bliss.

Meanwhile, I am going to put the heating on - it's cold - and snuggle up with the dogs until Christine gets here.  I have something for her to do today, so she will be pleased.  All those cups and saucers to pack and she may need to work out what a "fire proof bin" is for me?  Perhaps we could spend a happy half hour setting fire to our bins to see if they are flame resistant.  That'll warm me up.  

In the meantime, I need to talk to MiS and read the latest fairy tale meeting notes that Nelly received.  So the brain will need a bit of stimulation that the steroids will undoubtedly provide.

I really do need a pill box - I wonder if I will find them in the charities shops of Southwold?

Sorry that I don't have any pictures of the house but I do have a picture of Trouble in the beach hut....

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