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Tuesday 1 October 2013

Dogs wish me Happy Birthday

Pictures of dogs donating their owners birthday to the Helix project have been coming in thick and fast.  Dogs really are the best, kindest, most generous beasts - especially it seems with their owners' stuff!

First the Liz's lab from the West Midlands

Kelsey's sausage dog.

Pixie and Scout

Coco again..

And one of Pirate, coz he's doing "I'll show you mine" thing with Coco....

And Mungo

And Hamish

and Marley

and Harvey

1 comment:

  1. Hmmmm. Benji and Midge are now feeling as though they need to donate their birthdays. Midge only has an adoption anniversary (a stray in Ireland before she was rescued) but since Benji has a birthday (26th July) as well as the Benjiversary (31st Dec to Jan 3rd), he may be able to share the Benjiversary with you this year!
    They are both seasoned fundraisers, having done a sponsored walk for Acorns earlier this year, in memory of two children who died there after being born with life limiting conditions:

    Now I have to try to get them both to sit nicely for a Charlotte's Helix birthday photo....