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Sunday 9 February 2014

Thank you

Thank you all for helping make Charlotte's blog to make a difference. The inspirations, the contributors and certainly the readers, without whom this blog would not have had the influence, or Charlotte sometimes the energy, to make a difference. And a significant difference it has been. 
Charlotte's blog has helped individuals in difficulty, with eating disorders or cancer in the family, or with friends, or patients, or those who may have to face it in the future. She helped people seek, demand and get better care. 
People credit her with saving lives, she certainly made a lot of us into better people, able to see good and do good when times are hard.
We have been educated, entertained and enthralled. 

Thank you so much for the kind thoughts, cards and postings on her memorial site. Her dedication reached many people around the world and I hope her work will continue.

Charlotte and I were childhood sweethearts. We met when we were two. We did everything together and instantly fell in in love. It remained so strong throughout our time. She is irreplaceable to me. The girls and I are so proud of her and miss her terribly. We have had an enormous amount of support throughout this time.
We gave her a great send-off and party with many friends and family. I just know Charlotte would have approved and been proud of all the very generous donations to Charlotte's Helix.

Special thank yous
To the Rev DS who gave two very special services while his wife was undergoing an operation and he got the balance spot on between rejoicing and sadness.
To the amazing Ali who has been such a support throughout the good times and the not so good. A complete rock, and is always there to bounce ideas around with. Sadly she has lost two great friends in quick succession.
To Tiffy who is terrific, just keeping my chin up and with the nicest hugs and support throughout.
To Matt and Janey the best of friends.
To Sophie S and Jane G and the east coast girlies.
To all the girls for the amazing flowers.
To Timmy and Micky and James and Alex, the kindest of family I could wish for.
and to the many friends too numerous to name.
Thank you to you all.

Chrissy and the girls.