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Friday 25 October 2013

Animal Soup

Janet Treasure uses a lot of animal analogies when describing carers.  I know that I was the original model for the terrier.  Today I am feeling a bit more Ostrich about my own illness.

The ostrich
Sometimes family and friends take the "ostrich approach" when dealing with the eating disorder. In the midst of distress there may be temptation to ignore or underestimate the impact of the eating disorder on the person with the eating disorder and on involved carers. Carers taking the ostrich approach may find themselves disconnecting. They may avoid going home or otherwise dealing directly with the problems created by the eating disorder. Families may feel ashamed and secretive. They may isolate and not reach out for help. They may blame the person with the eating disorder and say, "It is your problem, not mine."
Solution: It is best to work to reduce avoidance and escapism. Eating disorders are family affairs. They affect friends and everyone who cares. Eating disorders are diseases of disconnection. To reduce isolation and loneliness, work to increase connection and communication. Reach out to help and support.

and feeling the need for one of these?
I should just pull myself together and take the wonderful Carrie Arnold's advice and get one of these instead.
Nah, it's Friday so I know Ranty Mandy, Sam, Sarah and Nelly will be joining me in filling up and emptying one of these....
Roll on Wine O'Clock

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  1. Count Kirsten and I in for the wine o'clock too!!! Xxx