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Wednesday 30 October 2013

A small world

Tim and I had our usual Sunday morning hour's chat.  Tim has banned all intrawebz use on Sunday mornings, which includes him and therefore likes to mimble on for an hour or so, which is lovely.  I didn't realise that the lovely Rachel is going home this week.  I think he will miss her company and youth and exuberance, as well as her photos and her wonder at Italy.  He suggested buying her a pair of shoes as a thank you present.  I said a handbag.  I think I'm right.  His part of Italy is the shoe and handbag manufacturing capital of Italy.

It is a testament to the remarkable world of ED parents that someone in the USA who I have never met is happy to send their precious older daughter to stay with my brother, whom they have never met, half way across the world for 6 weeks.  Bonding over a sick child brings about a closer relationship over the internet than you probably have with your next-door neighbour.  Weird?  

As I begin to wind things down and am finding typing harder and harder, due to the loss of feeling in my right hand and my impatience with only using my left, I hope that people will continue to connect across the oceans for many years to come.  

I am also hoping that the Helix Project will come to fruition and that we can get going soon on collecting all that blood - Halloween seems an appropriate time to discuss this!  To find out more, please read this and this excellent blog and note that the UK numbers are not in there just now.  Please sign up!

Lastly a little bon mot from the wonderful Susan Ringwood of Beat


  1. kirsten aka hopalong30 October, 2013

    Is there a minimum age ? My younger d is 16 and is thinking about giving blood after seeing what her sister is going through ,.

  2. Love, love, love Susan's words to live by…one does get tired of the sappy "inspiration" on the internet. Please thank her for this dose of humor :)