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Sunday 20 October 2013

Twitter interlude

Twitter is a fun but exhausting place.  Being only able to use my phone I have found it difficult to keep up these last few days. I did laugh at my message from Onemoremum, who is obviously taking time to catch up on her Twitter account by following the followers. Shephard Pratt is following her too. I do laugh that they follow me. Have they read the condemning blogs about their treatment protocols?  Or any of the comments that have been left?  I think not.

Perhaps some of SP's followers will find my blog through Twitter and that will be a good thing.

Meanwhile I shall smile at the thought of Onemoremum throwing rocks from a beach in the West Country. I think she has the belief to lob one right across the Atlantic.
On 19 Oct 2013, at 22:50, "One More Mum (Twitter)" <> wrote:
Charlotte Bevan,
You were mentioned in a Tweet! 
 Charlotte Bevan 
One More Mum@Onemoremum
Following new accounts. See Sheppard Pratt account. Think of @CharlotteBevan1. Avoid. Unless following = hurl rocks at.
 09:50 PM - 19 Oct 13

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Meanwhile I am enjoying the Tweet of the day on Radio 4 - what could be more calming than Goldfinches at 5.59am. 

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