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Friday 25 October 2013

Growing Up

Laika's most recent photo just in - my, how she has grown in 3 months!

According to Granny Colleen, she still likes ear licking, though.  

I had a long conversation with Cousin Ann last night, after she sent us an early Christmas present for the house in Southwold.  She has gone and got herself an iPad, which I think is brilliant and does relieve her lovely daily from having to save my blog every day and bring it up for Ann to read.  Hopefully, the nice man from BT will come and fix her broadband - something to do with a switch in the loft - so the blue light will come on on the Home Hub and she can start surfing.

I do admire her on many levels and her enthusiasm for new age technology is one of them.  I think she will enjoy the iPad so much more than trying to learn how to use a computer and I have told her she can download Bridge games to practice.  I am not sure that Twitter is for her, though!

Yesterday afternoon was spent teaching HWISO the intrawebz banking (again!).  That was tense.   I am glad that TNBMITW will be on the end of the phone for him. Why is that men just seem to find following the instructions on the screen difficult?  HWISO is not an arrogant man.  He just seems to find doing things in the order as printed quite clearly on the screen - he would much prefer me to must tell him.  We got through, paid the bills and did the VAT return and rewarded ourselves with more cake and tea.

The girls got home last night, ate supper and went to bed, leaving me with strict instructions not to wake them up.  Like I'm stupid?  They seem to have the most complicated social arrangements over half term so I am not sure who will be where but I am sure there won't be a dull moment.

The house was looking beautiful yesterday.  I have just picked my way through all their suitcases in the dining room and spied the piles of washing.  Sigh!  It is good to have them back and it does feel right, though I am slightly harking back to this old blog in my grumpy way this morning.  Time for my pills, I think....

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