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Monday 30 September 2013


Now I admire my Dad no end for being on the Intrawebz in his 80's, finding and reading my blog and getting down with the whole email thing.

I got an email from him this morning with a photo he treasures of me, in much the same way Mum treasured the weird blue Indian dress thing.  Parents are weird.....

So, he has a coal-fired computer system and has sent it to me as a Word Document and I am not sure I have the heart to talk him through the whole PDF/JPEG/photo upload to a blog thing.

So if anyone has any clues how I can convert (in simple steps please) a Word Document that is nought but a photo, into an uploadable one on an Apple, without sucking my eyeballs out with bitty plungers or menacing my hair regrowth, I would be grateful.

For now, Dad, all I can do is reproduce another photo from that holiday.  I am the one falling off the wind boat thingy.  Dad is the one struggling hard to hold the camera still, whilst giggling and pretending to shout encouragement....

I hadn't realised what a crowd I had collected!  

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  1. Load into Word. Select File, Print. Then select PDF menu on bottom LH corner of Print dialogue box. Select Save to PDF and choose where and what to call it. MAY work!