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Wednesday 11 September 2013


I have been a bit mouldy and tense today.  Can you tell?  Em woke up with a cold which meant no snuggling up to her at all, but shouting from different rooms.  Contact with a cold on Day 8 after chemo is pretty non-cool.  It is horrid not to have a good-bye hug.

Also, because I haven't been taking the morphine, I didn't sleep well and woke at 4 amto a rather depressing round-up of Syria, following the Obama speech.  This then sent me into a tail spin of "Why am I worrying about this stuff because it is not really worthwhile me worrying about but I SO mind about the children?".

I had things to sort out with the lovely Lynne but was hampered by the pain in my shoulder, because I had forgotten to take my pain meds on time (ironing hands, Lisa) and that made me frustrated and ever so slightly touchy.

The day was lightened by Mrs Crispy, announcing that since she bleached the dishwasher, she was on her way and would stop at Tescos to buy soup, because it is darn cold.  Feeling much better, I came back inside (We can only get mobile phone reception outside the house here.  Hence why I often don't answer!) to find Lynne hopping up and down because the radiator (brand new) in my bedroom was leaking everywhere.....


I spent a long time on the phone with my Scottish mum, who gets a medal for being very calm in the face of a blizzard of questions, instructions and general bossiness.  This was interspersed with texts from my Saturday mum who has put on her hard hat and now understands the importance of non-breakable crockery in early refeeding.

A cathartic time with Mrs Crispy saved my day.  It is so comforting to talk to her and I hope her sharing her memories and experiences from the other side of the equation helps her as much as it helps HWISO and I.   

I set off for the hospital, stopping at the garage for my treat of a coffee and to stock up on fags.  I totally misjudged my ability to turn and hit the pump.  No damage to either car or pump but severe damage to my self-confidence.  A wibbly wobbly phone call to HWISO who roared in like the Lone Ranger and Put Everything Right.  He is an angel.

Back from  my scan.  It was uncomfortable.  Especially the bit where the arm support falls away, as I have not a hope of putting my arm above my head.  I got the wet yourself feeling whilst being told to "Hold your breath" by the particularly irritating American voice and I chatted to "Charlie" (Born 1929) while waiting to have my catheter taken out.  I even agree to sing "Moon River" with him.  Unsurprisingly he stopped me on the first note.  I really must remember that enthusiasm doesn't = pitch or tunefulness.

Came out to a lovely message from Everyone needs a Miranda to say that Ruby Wax is coming to our local town and reminded her to email E and beg the best dinner she'll ever have off her.

Feeling better now.  I am definitely going to settle down to Christine's Chilli this evening in a much better mood  than starting with tea and Syria.  

Off to try and remember how many times E rinsed and soaked the rice.....

With a photo of my Lone Ranger - My oh my, Tonto looks strange.....

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