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Tuesday 10 September 2013


So my list is getting shorter and my juggling skills better.  Lots of things ticked off yesterday's list and taking Sam's advice to heart!  Feeling quite blissed out and pleased with myself.

But I have to confess this feeling of pleasurable well-being and slightly boosted self-esteem is due to being fed to a state of Catatonia by darling E last night.  

HWISO had seconds of everything and I had to come and eat the Chestnut Honey Ice Cream with plum pastry cakey thing for breakfast, to confirm that I hadn't been dreaming.  I also confess to reconfirming this by having some with Em, when she arrived back from school and to another piece with Christine, when she arrived for tea.  All of us agree that there is no point attempting to make any type of conversation until every last morsel is finished.  In fact, the only thing to do is make appreciate grunting noises and make vague hand waving motions.

It was a very cathartic time with E and we got lots done - no, really!  We did a lot of talking, drank a very little wine, ate manna from heaven, picked grapes and plums and greengages, bought bread, talked, ate, talked. 

Uhu is desolate that she has left. So am I.  HWISO wants to know when she is coming back and we have both agreed that the first thing Em should do on leaving school, is go to spend a week with her to learn how to cook.

I have managed to finally negotiate the on-line banking split between Lloyds and TSB and seem to have progressed with the VAT return stuff.  Why does my printer jam on the very last page?  Does it really hate me that much?  Or do all printers do that?  I remember when sending long faxes, it would always jam about three pages from the end, just when you had got your hopes up that you no longer had to stand there, watching pages go through the machine in a mind-blowingly boring way.  I think printers have the same need for attention.....  

I tried doing without the morphine last night - the side effects were piling up (so to speak).  Although I didn't sleep so well or so deeply, I did manage to sleep and the side effects were less pressing today.  Ergo, I am going to try another night to make sure things are cleared up.  I am loathe to take medicine to counteract medicine.

There is a third wheel between Tim and I, our brother Michael.  I got a text from him last night sending a smelly breath kiss from his dog, Coco.

Am I allowed to say that I would rather have a kiss from her than from him?

Meanwhile, I am glad to see that Easy Rider is wearing the sensible kit we bought him over here for his trip to school.  And you have to admit it is a cool bike....

Don't you love Italian graffiti in top right?  So much more eloquent than we seem to manage over here

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