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Friday 13 September 2013

Hey Daddikins

So I get a card from my Dad this morning to tell me he has discovered my blog and did I mind him reading it?  My first reaction was No, of course not.  My second reaction was that I wished I hadn't talked about constipation!

The only thing I mind, Dad, is that you still have more hair than me (see photo below).

HWISO went off for his first golf lesson yesterday, in anticipation of Tim's visit in November.  He had a lovely time and really enjoyed himself to such an extent, I caught him practising his swing in the bathroom last night.

The upshot of my sister-in-law and the bridge table fiasco is a flurry of texts between me and M.  He is popping up tomorrow, hopefully without the bridge table and four folding chairs but, I suspect, with the "spare coals" for the fire for Tim to collect in November.  I also suspect that B will firmly place other stuff that Tim and I might have put M's stickers on "by mistake" (snigger snigger) in the car as well.  

To counter too much stuff, I quickly suggested that M bring his golf clubs and have a quick round with HWISO tomorrow - hopefully that should leave a lot less room for boxes.

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