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Wednesday 25 September 2013

Answering back

After the comment about #computergeek not getting some of the more technical ed "fringe" stuff, I have suggested that we do a Q&A about it, as a joint blog.  I am hoping he will take me up on the challenge.  It could be fun.

I am also open to any other questions people want to ask and will answer them via the blog, if appropriate or I am able to - either about cancer treatment or eating disorders.

Charlotte's Helix has got off to a flying start.  Thank you so much for all your support. I am loving the videos.  Surefire way to get your video on there?  Use a dog.  Beat have very kindly set up a Just giving page especially for the Helix - big shout out to Susan Ringwood and her team.

I talked to the Sky News reporter yesterday.  Lovely girl.  I hope she wasn't too overwhelmed by talking to Laura and Cindy Bulik as well.

But but but the Big News is....

Lynne is back today.  Clean sheets, clean kitchen floor, (I have managed the loos and the sinks...try cleaning a loo with the "wrong" hand....), sofa cushions plumped, dog hair removed from the corners of the room, war declared on the sticky patch just above the dishwasher, fridge not to make that squelching noise any more, the gentle purr of hoovering - I can hardly contain myself.  Being now so very limited in the use of my right arm - I can't raise my elbow up much - it has been rather disempowering (English understatement) to realise how limited my life becomes and how carelessly reliant I am on using my right arm (or both arms) for everyday menial tasks.

Like cleaning your teeth without having to do it in a position that is likely to slip a disc.  Brushing your hair AND looking in the mirror at the same time.  Putting a mirror on the floor and trying it that way is not a solution - just saying.  Brushing the labradors is easier and they squirm.  Socks require sitting down.  And I cannot bring myself to talk about either bra fastening or bottom wiping.  And that's just the personal stuff.  

So I spend a lot of time sitting down not actually doing much except in my virtual world.  

So it was lovely to have so many visitors all in a block yesterday - MH with his tales of the South of France, pots and vineyards, Christine with supper and news, Sophia with her nutty things (so delish) and last of all, giggles with Tiff - gales of them.  I was quite talked out by the time HWISO got home.  In fact, so talked out that I let him watch football.  I watched the Twitter feed.  Are we the epitome of a very modern couple?

Another photo from the archives I think.  Just to remind me that I once had hair worth brushing.  I know I can be boring about it but, just now, I look a bit like I need a gentle haircut, as I have a sort of silver halo.  I HATE the hairdressers.  I would rather go to the dentist.

Just saying

Froggy and me, 1981
MAN, I loved those boots.....


  1. I want my hair to *be* cut without having to go to the hairdressers. So I put it off for months and months at a time.
    The hairdressers is just such an awkward experience: the jacket thingy, the backwards head sink (saying politely "it's fine" in a British way even when the water is too hot or too cold), the sitting in front of a mirror, the conversations (or even the silence) with the hairdresser, being asked what you want and them doing what they want anyway. Ugh.
    I don't look like me in my first graduation photos because the hairdresser decided I needed to be "a bit more sleekier". I am not a sleeky-haired person, yet there one is, smiling away in all the photos with my family. So I didn't go to the hairdressers before my other graduations. And my hair looks entirely unsleeky and therefore entirely like me.

  2. The photo looks like Tudor! X