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Thursday 26 September 2013

Darn the chemo is good.

My middle of the night wanderings and ramblings seem to get more extreme.  I was up and about early again this morning (3 a.m.), leaving messages for Bryan Lask on Linked-In about the Helix. (Do come and join us!).  Thanks for your support, Bryan.

Chatting about Moonshine with friends on the East Coast, and dying with friends on the West Coast and medications with Dr B in Australia - all in an (early) morning's work.

Writing a long blog, writing a short blog, replying to emails, drinking tea, cuddling Uhu.  By the time 7.15 am came (pill time), I was quite exhausted, so went back to bed for an hour instead.  Hence why I am still in my pjs and Uggs and unshowered but I have managed to take the pills.

The medical stuff is so weird.  Yesterday, I plucked up courage to show Laura my burn over Skype - it has been a week.  She made that "brave but ice" face.  It was horrid.  This morning, the seroma swelling has almost gone, the burn is almost better and the overwhelming pressure on the tendon in my armpit has all but disappeared.  That'll be the chemo then.  Amazing stuff.  I almost can't wait for Monday.  Although I hate the weird steroid night hours, it is worth it to watch and feel the stuff work.

It also takes away a lot of the pain.  I have more or less given up the morphine (unless being driven by sister-in-law???) and am happily surviving on Paracetamol and Ibruprofen.  And antibiotics.  And steroids.  But hey, not everything is perfect.

So dying of cancer doesn't seem to be quite the awful dark pain-filled journey it is often portrayed to be, just now.  It actually seems to be getting easier.  Weird.

Did I really dress like this once?  Really?  Sigh.......

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