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Tuesday 24 September 2013


to Mark (#computergeek) who rang immediately to sort out my email problems.  They are back - phew.  I am not the sort of person who has the same password for everything so apparently I am in the top 5% - I do feel better about myself, but now must go and make a list because otherwise no one will be able to access anything.  Where do I keep this list?  Well, obvs, not by the computer.  Should I keep it in the safe, my bedside drawer, the mimbley thing in the kitchen where all the important pieces of paper go and then we can never find them, my wallet, frozen in an icecube in the deepfreeze?

Sometimes, it's all just too hard.....

I have an telephone interview with Sky News about the Helix Project this afternoon.  It will be interesting I am sure but I don't know whether they will run it or not.  If they do, I'll let you know.  Anyone know how to get hold of Mrs Obama for Laura to talk to?  That would make her day...

One interesting thing Mark said to me was that he found all my eating disorders stuff hard to understand.  I suddenly realised that I need a new #.  #innerworkingsofCAMHSnerd - whadda ya think?   Catchy eh?  (Note to self: must be clearer!).  I do know that some readers find all the ED stuff hard and there are lots of acronyms and synonyms and othernyms, that my computer autocorrects to and I don't notice anymore.  It is a different language, that runs alongside the language of psychiatry, psychology and psychobabble, which are often indeterminate and interchangeable themselves. And completely incomprehensible for the most part, even if you are trained.  

It is complicated and I get that.  As long as you all know that eating disorders are not a wilful act, but a serious brain circuit disorder then I have won a battle that needed winning.

Photo: "Hoots where's ma hat?"

Photo, Mick, Tim, Mum, Me and Sarah BB
Edinburgh Castle
1974ish judging by the clothes?

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  1. A lot of the language problem is from having to erase preconceptions.

    If we could start from scratch it would be easier. Too many misconceptions about eating, weight, mental illness, and psychology.

    People are getting better about things like OCD, I find. Which is why I often use it as an example. EDs are like OCD: a problem with the brain getting stuck on certain thoughts and behaviors.