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Monday 9 September 2013

Joining up

So I am a connector.  I connect between the world of eating disorders and the world outside.  People know that I know about eating disorders and refer other people on to me.  It is not a role I have chosen.  It came about because my amazing G chose to go on TV and on the Radio in 2010 and talk about her anorexia. I have become, through her, a public figure in Eating Disorder world. I am the start line, if you like.

So what's it like to be a Parent Advocate?

To give you an idea of what my Monday morning as a Parent Advocate is like, I am juggling the urgent case from Saturday, trying to ensure that the child stays in hospital or is transferred to specialist care. ( And no, eating half a chicken sandwich, a fish finger, a carrot and a digestive does not in anyway constitute a day's calorie intake, let alone a week's - Idiots), talking to both parents, referring to my colleagues from FEAST about protocols, Junior Marsipan and Guide to Medical Risk Assessment, as well as pointing out that the child should probably have been referred to my friend, Dasha Nicholls at Great Ormond Street.  This is obviously my Number One priority this morning.

I am also researching and advising on a Duty of Care case in Scotland - about 350 pages of documents to read through and try not to cry at the absolute horror of the case.  

I am also awaiting the arrival of E and knowing that we have to write our Conference presentation for November.  

I am also waiting for the weekend edits from the Fairy Blogmother on the book and need to then settle down and write the next chapter.  

Oh and I need to do the farm accounts and get that off for the VAT return, pay the men's overtime and buy some milk.

In the back of my mind is my friend who is ill and needs treatment and we can't get it for her and it makes me cross.  And another one who is having a bad patch of the blues just now.  And the fact that I haven't replied to Janet Treasure's email.

And I have a guest list to compile.  And some decisions about shoes need to be taken.

So excuse me if I just take a little time off to whinge.  

But I DID get rid of 4 black bin liners of stuff from the cupboards yesterday and have even "given up" my Russell and Bromley "riding" boots (bought circa 1989) which are totally unwearable but have sat in various cupboards in various houses for a long time now.  A sort of comfortable reminder of the times when it was acceptable to blow a week's salary on a pair of boots.

Now that's progress.

Can I resist another photo of the puppy?


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