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Friday 20 September 2013

I escaped in record time

The day starts with frustration as I have upgraded the iPhone but cannot get it to acknowledge that I live in the UK.  It insists that I am resident in California and point blank refuses to tell the right time, so I NEED one of my children to come home and fix it.  Luckily Em will be back in the morning - which will be late evening according to my iPhone.

I had to go in for another aspiration today.  It was getting too ridiculously huge even for me to ignore.  Alex (sister in law with clean freakishness thing going on) took me in.  I took morphine before I went ,which I probs think was wise, as we seemed to get there much quicker than with HWISO!  I also entirely forgot to mention to her that I managed to tumble dry the plastic "goes in the drum with the washing so your powder drawer won't get dirty again" thingy she produced for me yesterday.  So I used the powder drawer.....


I am now the proud owner of 7 holes in my shoulder and the record for escaping from the hospital at top speed, when someone went to find a doctor.  They are all very qualified and stuff but they really don't seem to get that I like to be at home and am more than capable.  Who needs doctors when you have got the Intrawebz?

I came home dozy and grumpy, with little pin prick pupils and the beginnings of a morphine hangover.  So I went to bed to be woken up, an hour later, by the nice man from Autoglass, replacing HWISO's windscreen.  Sigh.  Luckily, I was diverted and immensely cheered by a conversation with our Land Agent - don't that sound posh? He never fails to make me laugh at something and did very well rallying the giggles from the depths to whence they had sunk.  I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks pots for the garden are much nicer when purchased abroad, rather than from the local garden centre - it's a girl thing....

So, now I am spending a peaceful afternoon in my office, talking about trees with a friend in the US.   A restful conversation which I needed.  

My "Mother in Scotland" has had an acknowledgement of her letter but no action so far.  This makes me cross as I don't think the powers that be realise the urgency of the situation or the fact that it is a Bank Holiday in Scotland on Monday.  I do want to put a rocket somewhere unmentionable sometimes.

And the book has gone back to Laura so I shall work through some other stuff on my list whilst being stimulated and entertained by my faithful companion for the afternoon ....


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