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Tuesday 17 September 2013

Beautiful Day

I tend not to notice things about my illness that others do.  For instance, my shoulder has been gradually filling up with fluid over the past six weeks.  And I do mean gradually.  At the beginning of this miserable nonsense, back in the spring, I was being aspirated twice a week.  I haven't had an aspiration in a while now, partly because the steroids have been helping and partly because I haven't noticed it filling up.

It wasn't until I saw Dr W's frustration with her inability to see the cancer blob because of all the fluid that I realised that perhaps it was probably time for another aspiration - about two weeks ago!

So this morning, I am off to be prodded and poked and, literally, needled.  Taking Lisa's advice to heart, I am intending to go fully morphined up and hope that this will help with the pain and the PTS I get every time I step into the ultrasound room.  My lovely radiographer lady has left and gone to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital - was it something I said? - and so I will have a new lady today.  I hope she doesn't think I am normally this bare-breasted, out-of-it on a heroin derivative, mad lady....

Meanwhile, the sky matched my mood this morning - wide and blue and lots of pink fluffy clouds.

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