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Thursday 19 September 2013

Accepting Help

So the lovely Lynne has gone on holiday and I realise how complete useless I am with one hand.  It was clean sheets day yesterday, which obviously went out the window due to the hospital and today, HWISO is racing to stay ahead of the weather on his tractor, rolling.

Top of my list of people who had offered to help was Auntie Jo Jo but she was working today so she texted my sister-in-law, who arrived post haste and, in return for a cup of coffee and a chat, made the beds, plumped up the mattress toppers, puffed the pillows. I now have a bed that I am torn between throwing myself on to because it looks so puffy and not daring to disturb because it looks so pristine.

Anyways, the upshot of this is that Alex came downstairs to put the sheets on for a wash.  Below is what happens when your "minds-very-much-about-dirt" sister-in-law opens the soap dispenser drawer....

Good thing I didn't let her open any of the cupboards.....

Thanks Al. xx

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