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Saturday 7 September 2013

Widening my horizons

A lovely evening was had when Giles and Ali turned up for a glass of wine last night.  G and HWISO were at school together and he is one of the few people who teases HWISO mercilessly and reduces him to paralysed mirth with just a phrase.  Ali and I did our usual eye-rolling....a lot... whilst they giggled in complete accord about miscommunication whilst shopping.

Whilst chatting to Ali about my advocacy work, it suddenly struck me how wide my world is now.  Being the typical "profile" family for an eating disorder (Upper-middle class, white girl), I suspect a lot of my friends think that is a world I still inhabit, albeit on the intrawebz.

Over the past four years, I have met so many interesting people from all religions, races, colours, creeds and countries.  From people who rescue dogs and cats, to a world renown quilting expert, to someone whose politics is about as far from mine as could be.  I have met writers, artists, photographers.  I have met scientists and mathematicians.  I have talked with teachers, nurses, doctors, engineers, secretaries, managing directors, researchers, lawyers, political activists, Professors and students. I have met stay-at-home parents, working from home parents, full-time working parents and part-timers.

But above all, they are Mums and Dads and that is their most important role. 

The thing about our community is that the opening gambit is never "So what do you do?" or "I hear its going to be hot next week.".  It is always "How can we help?".  Finding out about people's background is never a priority.  Getting good information and support to them is, so they can make a informed choice and fast.  The priority is always to stop the bleeding, not talk about cosmetic surgery options.

It's a different way of life and a different way of meeting people and I would not change a single thing. My life is a kaleidoscope of people and I like it that way.

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