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Wednesday 4 September 2013

Drumming fingers

I am coping quite well with my low dose of steroids first thing in the morning and chemo was all on time and stuff this morning, so I got my high steroid dose before 10.30 am.  So, in theory, I shouldn't be jittery, wide-awake and, quite frankly, a danger on the intrawebz.   But I am all three and trying to practice self-restraint.

The other "steroid" symptom is manifesting itself as well and I am quite glad that HWISO has taken himself off to bed with a bad back, so he is not bearing witness to the whole "Who needs a bowl and spoon for New York Cheesecake?  Heck, who needs to even get it out of the fridge?  What's a bit of packaging when you're this hungry?" thing going on just now.

Trouble thinks its really entertaining to watch Mum, dimly backlit by the fridge light, communing with plastic.....

In all seriousness, I am supposed to be attending a Board Meeting tonight but, as I completely disrupted the last one whilst on steroids, think it would be wise to not call in.  I have never been on a Board before and never realised there was a kind of etiquette to adhere to or how unbelievable polite they are. I also have an overwhelming and childish urge to either giggle or swear.  Luckily most of my co-Board are from the US, so are way too polite to mention what they probably thought was some sort of snorting disorder and they probably still are hoping that they misunderstood my British accent and I really said "Burger".

I have managed to waste considerable time trying to find an upside down picture of Trouble, especially for Lydia and TNWITW but can only manage a sideways "beauty" shot....


  1. Have just had to duck out of said meeting before the end too as am on holiday with husnand and his mother and they began to take a dim view of my concentration on a load of people throughout the globe when I should\could have been talking to them. You were missed and it wasn't as fun without you, but business did get done.

  2. WE DID MISS YOU - and "bugger" doesn't seem to offend us in the USA as much as it does others...likely because we don't fully grasp the full intent of the meaning in British English. It likely would have been a lot more lively had you, your steroids and NY Cheesecake joined us. :)

    "Marcella" it was great that you could be with us for a bit. I get that about being on holiday and participating in these is rather odd.

    Party on ladies!

  3. That photo is just as good as an upside down one! if not better. Trouble is truly beautiful! TSWITW xxxxx