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Thursday 5 September 2013

Good people

I seem to spend my life complaining about terrible care and dreadful treatment protocols.  Have no doubt, people, there are some really awful clinicians across the world, spouting claptrap and selling "feathers and beads" type therapy that makes no sense at all (washing out mouth after linking particularly vile blog).

What I do also know is that there are some really good people working in CAMHS teams and AMHS teams and various corners of the NHS.  I can't thank them enough for the support, for the work they do, for their continued efforts, despite the tick boxing and the bullying and the Big Brother approach and the closing or ranks and for their dedication to their patients.  They stand up against the pervasive middle-class, educated pre-conceptions and try and present evidence based treatments and workable solutions for families and patients.  For that, I thank them.  Sadly, they are dedicated to their jobs and not interested in transferring to "management.

I have been bought up short on my whinging about the NHS after this.  This is what the U.S. Healthcare system can do to families.  Having grown up with the NHS, I am completely open mouthed at the unfairness of it all and the total selflessness of these parents.  I knew that things were tough, when it came to paying for healthcare but the Fairy Blogmother explained to me just how much it cost to keep her family covered each month and just how tricky it can be, should you need to change insurance companies because, say, you change your job, or move house, or lose your job, or any of the other things that happen to us.  To me, from a nationalised health care system, it is paralysing.

Whilst I think that treatment for mental health disorders, particularly eating disorders, is still rooted in the 1990's, I have nothing but admiration for the NHS in general.

That is why I was delighted to give a T-shirt to the lovely Gemma, yesterday and sneaked in one for Bee, the Polish nurse who wants to learn how to swear in English.  I didn't dare tell her that it was American as she mouthed out "Mothafucka".......

Some things are truly international, if only by intent.

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