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Saturday 7 September 2013

Thanks Mrs Crispy

My week has been filling up with various friends popping in, my big excursion to Cambridge on the train and my holding good to "If it's on the floor, its for the bin" promise yesterday - 5 bin bags of rubbish extracted, house breathing a sigh of relief.  

I have been feeling slightly guilty that I am actually enjoying some time on my own, in my own space and only having to load the dishwasher once a day.  No huge piles of washing clutter my way to the back door.  There are towels in the towel cupboard, mugs in the mug cupboard, glasses in the glasses cupboard and not quite so many shoes to trip over.  No plans involving complicated train timetables.  Food in the fridge.  Peace and quiet.

I DO miss them.  It IS quiet.  I DO think about them all the time. 

Sarah rang yesterday afternoon and I sort of dumped all this stuff on her.

"Listen, Hon," she said.  "We are all exhausted after the summer holidays.  Absolutely exhausted.  And we're not ill.".

Guilt gone.

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