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Sunday 8 September 2013

For C

Scrolling down my Facebook wall this morning, I came across a picture of C with her Dad.  The first thing that struck me was her beautiful smile.  The second thing that struck me was her Dad's sunglasses.

Rayban Wayfarers.

Immediately, I started humming this - betcha can't get that out of your head for the rest of the day- and was transported back to 1984.  I was 19.  Ray bans were the ultimate cool, along with those white suits Don Johnson used to wear, Live Aid was a year off and I thought anyone over 25 was just plain past it.

As I watch my girls approach this age, I wonder how much fun they will get looking back on the clothes they are now wearing and their cultural icons.  I hope it brings back to them the smile of benevolent hindsight that I am wearing now, whilst refusing to acknowledge the slightly shame of my innocence at the time.  After all, I knew everything just then.  I certainly knew what was "cool, hip and happening", which was this - Eeekkkkk - did I really fancy him?

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