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Wednesday 11 September 2013

On another note

The text of the day goes to my sister-in-law, B.

Back in January, Tim, Mick and I were together for 24 hours to try and sort out the contents of Mum's house and who was getting what.  M assigned himself blue stickers, Tim green and I got orange.  Perhaps we shouldn't have decided to "finish off" the last bits of the "Who wants what?", after we had been to the Lord Nelly for a couple of pints...

Anyway, Tim and I have been in possession of our possessions for quite some time now, but it was only today that the lorry load of stuff was delivered to M&B's.  

The text went something along the lines of:

"Why have I got a bag of spare coals for the fire?" (The gas fire wood burner is happily installed in Lapedona, Italy.)

"I seem to have acquired a bridge table and four chairs.  I am NOT taking up BRIDGE!  Who was the green sticker?"

Sorry, B. 

But roaring with laughter at the idea of you having Bridge parties.  Shall I send you the box of Bridge cards, scoring cards and other paraphernalia which seemed to come here?  Just so you can have the complete set?

Photo taken by E on her trip, especially for Malia

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