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Friday 27 September 2013


At the wonderful Katie Gunn's MacMillan Coffee Morning, where I saw so many lovely friends.  It was like drop off at Riddlesworth all over again.  A million thanks to Ali for taking me.

The perfect bank manager - if everyone had you, bankers would be regarded as saints.  I can't quite get over the fact that I was still in my pajamas screaming at my computer (which had frozen) and he seemed totally unperturbed....

A photo of Mrs Crispy's and my holiday.  Horse box, children, plastic chairs and Tiggy, habitual cigarette, perfect English seaside weather....

Southwold 2001 (?)

This is how we dressed for Ascot in the '80's - great shoulder pads?
Around 1987/88 (?)

Definition of a split second: The traffic lights to turn green and Mum to swearing at the car in front.

For Tim: recognise the expression on Mum's face.....

For the moment, I am crying my way through Nelly's paperwork in utter despair at the total ignorance permeating the Child and Adolescent Mental Health teams.  Not only in the "poor relation", Eating Disorders - I have almost come to expect that.

However, when I see a special "column" on a UHS (Urgent Health - ie Mental Health Crisis Team) for "Systemic Area of Need Identified", I really do think the world has gone mad.  We seem to be back to stopping the bleeding.

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  1. I didn't even notice he pyjamas. Hahaha x