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Friday 13 September 2013

Now for a little light relief

So this golf thing.  I know people told me it would be addictive but I really wasn't expecting HWISO to be mowing the meadow, with the big tractor, beside the house so he could use it to practice his long-shot thingy.  (Note to self: must Google golf terminology).  I am slightly regretting encouraging this "round" with M tomorrow as I have visions of HWISO practising his swing by the lights of the tractor well into the evening......

I have taken delivery of a wonderful parcel of food from Lisa.  The delivery man was not only young and good looking but was as excited as I was to find out who my present was from.  I am so looking forward to my Boeuf this evening.  Have already got the bottle of wine open.  Bliss.  We shall be watching this and toasting New York's finest woman tonight.

I shall be serving it with a salad, liberally sprinkled with linseeds.  Thanks, Auntie Jo Jo.  I wasn't fancying swigging from the rusty can in the garage.

I have become a godmother again.  Meet Hamish.


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