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Wednesday 25 September 2013

Even though the girls

are now 16 and 17, we are still the proud owners of a baby gate in our house.  Not anywhere sensible like the top of the stairs, to stop us middle agers tumbling down in the dark, when going for a midnight wee.  Oh No.

We have one on the door between the kitchen and the snug.  Why?  Because we need to keep Pirate's food safe from the ravenous labradors and give him a chance to eat it.

Below is a picture of the shut gate and Uhu, who has been lying there staring at it very hard for at least 15 minutes.  He is also whining - I suspect he is repeatedly saying "Open Sesame"....

Please note the floor is supposed to look like that.  Lynne has been.  Hurrah

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