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Tuesday 17 September 2013

Gently does it

I had a divinely gentle radiographer and a wonderful nurse with warm hands.  Nurses with warm hands are gold dust and I wanted to pop her in my car and bring her home....

I did, however, get told off for not coming before as they managed to drain nearly 300ml of seroma and gunk off my shoulder.  Which is a lot to fit into a 1 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch space.  No wonder it was so sore.  And we got some good pictures of the cancer blob, so Dr W will be pleased.  And the morphine worked so I was sat there ever so slightly stoned, every so slightly slurring my words, grinning inanely. In fact, a perfect patient.

The relief.  Oh the blessed relief.

I come back to my darling Lisa.

I know this is sounds dumb given the degree of pain you've experienced but if you can use a biofeedback technique : close your eyes and think about that beautiful sky and the things and places that bring you joy, them take slow deep breathes holding your breath for one second before you slowly exhale through your pursed lips, letting only a tiny bit of air out at a time until you have no air in your lungs, then take a deep breath in. 
If the pain is severe, blow your air out in small faster breathes kind if like Lamaze breathing. 
I love you Charlotte. Take a pain pill when you get home too. First 24 hours be aggressive with the pain management

Yes ma'am......

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